Private Couples Retreat

Details & Registration

You know you want more, but not sure how to get there?

These retreats are for you.

  • Offsite luxury resort or adventure trip
  • Fully facilitated by authors Reka and Kris Kluver
  • 17 exercises to achieve:
    • Initial assessment: Life Balance Wheel Review
    • Identify and define what success looks like
    • Discovery of a Life-Changing Goal (LCG)
    • Spousal alignment around shared values (True North)
    • Clearly define Annual Goals
    • Define and document a clear path to achieve goals
    • Creation of Quarterly Objectives
    • Creation of a Bucket List of dreams
    • Ongoing weekly process to ensure communication and accountability
    • Instructions on how to wash, rinse, and repeat
  • Apply to join on scheduled dates August 8 – 9th, 2020
    • Limited to eight couples per session
    • Location to be determined
    • Private rooms
    • Shared common area
    • Professional chef
  • Arrange for your own group to bring in Reka and Kris to facilitate your retreat.

Coming 2020

This book is for you.

Combine a couples therapist, Reka Kluver, with a type-A personality strategist, and this is what you get.

A conversational, step-by-step guide with 17 exercises to help you:

  • Define what success looks like on your terms
  • Discover your Life-Changing Goal (LCG)
  • Ensure partner alignment
  • Break it down into bite-sized, attainable chunks
  • Document it all
  • Create date night and retreat cadences to achieve more than you ever thought possible


Feeling a loss of control in your emotions, misunderstood, frustrated, completely alone, and not understanding why? This may manifest as grief, depression, anxiety, fear, anger, sorrow, or a combination of several of these. It does not have to continue this way.


Whereas counseling works through the challenges of the past, coaching addresses the opportunities and fears of the present, as well as the direction for the future. In some cases, you may feel things are great, but you know they can be better. In other instances, you may be facing the challenges of feeling stuck, a lack of spousal alignment, lost, or without purpose. Coaching can help.


You know you have more to offer and that there is more to life, but you are unsure what that looks like, let alone how to obtain it. If you find yourself asking, “What’s Next?,” these retreats may be for you. By connecting with your partner through various activities, you both will learn about dreaming big and will discover how to embrace the life you deserve.

Take Your Life To A New Level?


Passion, persistence, and patience are the primary ingredients in the recipe for true happiness and unbound success. Learn how to live, love, and embrace all three to kick your life up a notch. Please call 402.881.8125 to set up an appointment.