In our last blog post, we discussed Valentine’s Day and the kind of love partners should show each other year round.

For those who are single, however, February 14th can be a difficult day. Instead of thinking that being single is a bad thing, try to focus on the good. Celebrate those who love you and are always there for you: family, friends, and/or parents. Most importantly, celebrate yourself and who you’ve become.

Focus on loving yourself. Have you ever taken time to figure out what you love about yourself? Loving yourself is key to boosting your self-confidence. We spend too much time discussing our flaws and beating ourselves up about body image. Instead, take the time to look at yourself and say what you love. When you’re done, say what you love about the inside of yourself.

Get creative. If you have children, spend the night having fun with them. Let your children decide on dinner, and make it together. Gather paper, glue, and markers to make Valentine’s cards. Join in on the fun and make cards for each of your children. Creating memories and traditions with your children is something they (and you) will treasure forever.

Do something you love. Spend the day painting, writing in the coffee shop, or taking photographs in your favorite park. Set goals and make a bucket list. Take advantage of being single, and try to see it as a time to define who you are. You have the time to choose who you want be. Take advantage of the opportunity to nurture yourself.

Taking time for yourself isn’t greedy or selfish. Time invested in you will allow you to grow and be a better partner, parent, or friend.

Get together with your friends. Plan a date night with your single friends. Go to the movies, to your favorite restaurant, or to the bowling alley. If you’d rather, host your own party where everyone can chip in for pizza and bring a favorite board game.

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photo credit: Candy Hearts via photopin (license)