For some people who are religious, reaching out to a therapist can be difficult. In some denominations, seeking outside help from a therapist is viewed as not fully believing in Christ and his abilities.

In her article entitled “How Therapy Doesn’t Make Me A Bad Christian,” Morgan Jerkins talks about her struggle with needing therapy to cope with a death, but not wanting God to think she was doubtful of Him. Jerkins explains:

“The guilt of being disobedient to God gradually faded. There is a time to pray and there is a time to act. My soul did not have to be at odds with either of the two and I wish that others like myself would recognize that when they cry for help. Too often, as religious-minded people, we do not focus on our duality, which is our spirit and body. I had to find a way to realign them so that I felt peace in my head and in my bones.”

If you are struggling like Jerkins was, think of it this way: you don’t have to pick one over the other. Use your religion and therapy together in order to overcome your struggles.

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photo credit: Pastor Vincent Allen Paul Stone via photopin cc