In today’s world, the media has a lot to say about what a strong woman is and looks like. It has a lot to do with looks and not a lot to do with a woman’s intelligence or talent.

It’s happening in the world of politics: people have taken to the Internet to compare First Lady Michelle Obama to potential future First Lady Candy Carson. These comparisons aren’t about what kind of charity work the two do or how they are bettering the lives of those around them. The Internet is comparing how the two women look and dress.

It’s happening in Hollywood. Recently, actress Jennifer Lawrence published an essay in which she talks about the gender wage gap in Hollywood, and how she is tired of worrying about coming across as bratty when she states her opinion.

This type of discrimination is happening in our schools, our work places, the music we listen to, and on the television shows we watch.

So, what does it mean to be a strong woman?

She embraces herself. A woman is under pressure to look, behave, and love in a certain way. It’s difficult not to let those high expectations get to you. However, instead of trying to lose weight or wearing certain clothes because society tells you to, lose weight (or don’t) with the help of a nutritionist because you’re concerned about your health. Wear clothes that you like and are comfortable in. A strong woman embraces her differences, and she knows that being herself and feeling happy is what truly matters.

She sticks to her guns. Strong women know what they believe in. She has values and morals that she lives by. She doesn’t do something that she feels is wrong just because she is under pressure to do so.

She is in command of herself. Strong women don’t settle for a partner; they date until they find a partner who is worth investing effort, energy, and time in. They know that being with someone who is controlling or disrespectful will only bring a woman down.

It doesn’t matter to a strong woman what society says about marriage and children; what matters is how she feels about marriage and children.

She accepts help when she needs it. Being strong doesn’t mean you have to exclusively rely on yourself. Sometimes, you need to talk with someone about your marriage or relationship. Other times, you might have to ask a co-worker if they’d be willing to help you on a project. This doesn’t make you weak; it shows your intelligence. Although it might be difficult, a strong woman knows when to accept the help of a doctor, friend, co-worker, or therapist when something feels wrong.

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photo credit: Jennifer Lawrence via photopin (license)