Some days we wake up in a bad mood. Other days, the bad mood comes on after our spouse forgets to pick up the kids or our boss adds more work onto an already heavy schedule. Regardless of how you got there, a bad mood can be difficult to snap out of. However, it’s important to learn how to move on so it doesn’t ruin your whole day.

Here are a few tips on how to get out of a bad mood:

  • Try to figure out what brought it on. Larina Kase, author of Anxious 9 to 5, suggests that you ask yourself these three questions: What is really bugging me? Am I avoiding something? Is it more than one thing? These questions will help you get at the underlying problem. When you have two or more pressing problems bringing you down, try to address them one by one.
  • Think it out. In order to change how you feel, you have to change how you think. Instead of worrying about what you can’t control, focus on what you can. Be honest about your feelings, and take responsibility for whatever part you may have played that led you here. Instead of blaming others, you can decide to let it go rather than holding onto the pain. You can’t avoid what you’re feeling, but you do have the power to think about things in a positive way. Don’t make it worse with negative thinking.
  • Eat and exercise. Sometimes, giving your body what it needs will improve your mood. Grab a snack, and eat it somewhere quiet. It’s also a good idea to get outside and into the sunshine. If that doesn’t work, try working out. Go for a run, lift weights, or take your bike out for a spin. If you are at work, go for a walk around the office and use those stairs to get your heart rate up. Give your body what it needs, focus on your breathing while you exercise, and get your blood pumping. You’ll feel better before you know it, if only because you’re burning off some of those negative feelings.
  • Give your problem a time out. If you are upset with a co-worker, your spouse, or a friend, step away from them. Give yourself some time to cool off and think things through. Even if you can only take five minutes away, you might be able to come back with clarity and calmness.
  • Give yourself a break. Take a look at’s list of ways to bust out of a bad mood. Sometimes just a simple action in the right direction can turn your whole day around.

Bad days happen to everyone sometimes. Often, you can’t do anything to ward them off, but you can take action to move them along. Remember that you don’t have to get stuck in the mire of your own bad mood.

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