The holiday season is supposed to be a time spent with family and friends. Sometimes, the season feels more stressful and anxiety-ridden than it should. There are multiple family celebrations, get-togethers with friends, holiday parties at work, and kids home on break.

This holiday season, try to rid yourself of the stress that often comes with the season. Here are a few tips on how to be less stressed and more carefree:

Delegate responsibility: Don’t try to do all of the gift shopping, grocery shopping, decorating, and cooking by yourself. Let your family help you out. Chances are, they will be happy to pitch in.

Start early: Don’t try to get ready for the holidays five days from the 25th of December. Make lists to help you stay organized. Plan out what gifts you need to buy for each family member and/or friend. Plan out your menu early and buy the groceries sooner rather than later. Schedule a night for wrapping presents and decorating with your family early in December.

Stop worrying about what others think: You don’t have to try and impress the “cool” kids you went to high school with fifteen years ago. There’s no need to explain why you aren’t married or are still married, don’t have kids or are having another one. Your decisions your own; you don’t have to explain them to anyone.

Stop spending money you don’t have: If you don’t have the money to attend all of the holiday parties or buy everyone elaborate gifts, then don’t. Smart Chic suggests that you commit to not going into debt for buying holiday gifts—if you don’t have it, don’t spend it. Pinterest is full of ideas for homemade gifts.

Spend time with yourself: It feels good to take care of those around you, but you have to remember to take care of yourself, too. You’ll feel much more stressed out if you don’t. It might just be taking time to enjoy your morning coffee, read a chapter of a new book, or begin a new series on Netflix. It’s like the flight attendant always says: Put the oxygen mask on yourself first. And enjoy the holidays!

Do you have any tips on how to have a less stressful holiday season? Let us know in the comments section.

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